Changelog Journal


· Steno has been tweaked to integrate accessibility features and services, to improve usability, particularly for users with disabilities.

· There is a new settings page where you can change your username, select a theme or check your current plan.

· Hashtags with cyrillic alphabet will now correctly work.

· Our dark theme was well received and we've decided to add another one which is fully black. The plan is to extend this collection. You can select themes in the settings page.

· There was an annoying bug that caused app crashes for many users - this is now fixed and users affected by it can enjoy Steno from now on.


· Phones with support of night/dark mode will benefit from the new Dark theme. This feature is temporarily available to all users for a limited time. Afterwards, it will be available only for premium users.

· Looking for a particular note? Use the magnifier icon to search through your notes.


· Upon opening a note you can now directly switch to the edit mode by taping either on the title or content of it. The edit button in the top-right corner is still there for users that by now got used to it.

· External content incoming from other apps can now be shared directly to Steno which will appear in Android's share menu.

· Users who upgraded to our premium plan get a dedicated support service which is reachable within the app itself. Open ne wtickets with your questions or feedback and we'll reach back as soon as possible.